Scenography project for Hermès in Switzerland released in 2020 on the theme “Innovation”. To evoke this abstract notion, the studio team decided to focus on the work happening in the shadows. A lot happens in workshops, between two doors, or around a cup of coffee. Daily conversations, sometimes casual, can lead to the most important innovations. It is that essential piece of the innovation process that is highlighted in the shop windows thanks to little paper characters. They chat with each other through delicate speech bubbles made of stained glass showcasing Hermès products. You can imagine them speaking, discussing arguing… innovating.


For this scenography project, which is displayed usually only for a few months, the studio took extra care in all aspects impacting the environmental footprint. 80% of the project is made of locally sourced wood with no glue or treatment, it can be used as fuel for a fireplace or even reused as raw wood pieces. The rest is the paper used for the small characters that can be very easily recycled and the stained glass pieces that can be disassembled and recycled.


Photo: Michel Griesbrecht


Production stainglass: Marie Grillo – Atelier la Couleur du Verre – Paris


Production: Laurent Beurriand – Paris