The second scenography project designed by the studio in 2019 dealt the theme “Dreaming” and was commissioned by Hermès for their Christmas windows in Switzerland. The studio team wanted to express the idea of celebration and gathering for Christmas time and designed several scenes reminding of popular holidays. Little characters occupy the space and seem to celebrate giant, dreaming and benevolent beings who are the source of fantasies as well as a reassuring presence. Each scene was designed so as to leave a space for interpretation to let people wonder and dream of their own story to tell and a music theme was composed to bring even more of a winter celebration feel to the windows.


The studio tries as much as possible to make project keeping in mind the environment. Choices in materials and suppliers’ locations were made to reduce as much as possible the environmental footprint of this project. The main material used is ceramic combined with a few accessories in steel. The ceramic which is cooked but not glazed can be disposed of without any risk of pollution the steel can be recycled. The shipping was managed to avoid any unnecessary extra mile and only one transport was made to carry all the elements from our suppliers to Hermès Suisse headquarters in Geneva.


Photo: Michel Griesbrecht


Ceramic production: Faïencerie de Charolles FDC – Charolles


Metal production: Laurent Beurriand – Paris


Music: La Song Factory – Annecy